DizzleSky FAQ’s


DizzleSky Kitchen Club


How does it work?

At the beginning of the month, I will send you a two week menu plan with recipes. These include adult and children’s options and often cross-over so you only have to cook one meal. On signing up today, you will become part of our supportive private Kitchen Club group on Facebook where you can share kitchen experiences (good and bad) and learn from others.


Who is it for?

Busy parents who want to their families to eat well. The menu plans and recipes will save you time, money, and trips to the supermarket, and you will be able to enjoy healthful, easy-to-cook meals every month. You’ll no longer have to think about what to cook at 4pm!


How will I receive my menus?

Your menus will arrive in your inbox at the beginning of the month and they will also be posted our private Facebook page, with links to the recipes on the Kitchen Club Members Only page at DizzleSky.co.uk.


How can I contact Annabel?

Once you have signed up, post your kitchen questions and share recipes on the Kitchen Club Private Facebook page and I will reply Monday – Friday. For questions about signing up which you can’t find the answer to here, feel free to contact me at info@dizzlesky.co.uk or 07954 357 443.


Do I have to be on Facebook?

Not at all! I understand that everyone is different and that some of you might like menu plans and recipes without having to become part of an online community. Bring it on!


How much does it cost?

£18 per month. Once you sign up today, you will have the option to pay direct debit or a one-off annual fee which will give you one month free. You’ll then receive a confirmation email from me with the next steps.


I have food allergies, can I still do the plan?

Yes! The food I cook is gluten-free or has gluten-free alternatives. If you are dairy-free, the recipes can be adapted and replaced with dairy-free ingredients. Please note, the recipes are not nut-free.


Why two weeks of plans per month?

For the second half of the month, it is up to you as to what to cook. Repeat the menu plan to become more confident; free-style for two weeks; duck in and out; go back to your old tried and tested favourites; share them on our private Facebook page; trial out new ones from your community – find what works best for you! Allowing you freedom is important and will lead to sustainable change.  We are all different and process information differently. This is a guide to cooking well, eating well and ultimately, giving you the chance to live well… your way.


Do I have to be a good cook to join the club?

No! We all have the potential to be a good cook (it’s in our DNA). The Kitchen Club will give you the building blocks and fundamental know-how.


Do I have to be a parent?

Nope. Every month there are two weeks of delicious, healthful adult recipes. If you don’t have children, simply ignore the children’s recipes. Bingo!


Are there any rules?

Yes – let’s call them boundaries! Please read the Terms and Conditions. There is a minimum three-month subscription period and after that you can give one month’s notice.


DizzleSky Kitchen Confidence


What is Kitchen coaching?

It’s a bit like having a personal trainer – but in the kitchen! We look at what you are looking to achieve, discuss what could be holding you back, explore options and discuss actions. Coaching initially started on the sports field and has been extremely successful in the workplace and for those looking to make lifestyle change. It’s about understanding, reflecting and developing.


What is Kitchen mentoring?

I will share my 20 years of experience as a chef – providing you with the tricks of the trade and adapting them to your particular style of learning. I’ll teach you the fundamental building blocks of kitchen management and we will discuss them so that you can adapt them into your daily life.


How does it work?

These are open and honest exploratory discussions where there will be a balance between coaching and mentoring, and support and challenge. You can guide me as to whether you’d like more support or challenge as the sessions go on. I welcome feedback and if something isn’t working, tell me so that I can adjust my approach to better meet your needs.


Where do we meet?

Our conversations happen either in person or over Skype.


What will we talk about?

In the first session, we will go through our working agreement to make sure you are happy with it and discuss anything that you would like to add to it. I will give you your personal learning plan so that you can start to focus on what you’d like to get out of the course, how you might achieve it and think about when you’d like to start making changes. After the first session, you will be setting the agenda for our conversations.


What happens when I finish the course?

After your course you will receive 20% off the DizzleSky Kitchen Club for ongoing community support, menu plans, recipes and live Q’s and A’s. You will receive your unique discount code in your last session.


How can I contact Annabel in between sessions?

While you are taking part on the Kitchen Confidence Course, you can contact Annabel by phone, email or whatsapp.


I have food allergies, can I still do the plan?

Yes! We can work with all allergies and intolerance and work them into your programme.


What qualifications do you have?

I studied Leith’s Essential Cookery Course in 1997 and have been cooking professionally and privately ever since. I am a Clarity4D Business Partner (personality profiling) and I’m currently undertaking a diploma in Professional Coaching and Mentoring with the OCM (Oxford School of Coaching and Mentoring).


What is it not?

A cooking course, cooking workshop or cookery demonstration. DizzleSky’s Kitchen Confidence will teach you the building blocks so that you can learn to fend for yourself, most importantly, in a way that fits into your life and feels comfortable for you. This is the power behind successful change.


Are there any rules?

Just some simple boundaries which are laid out in the terms and conditions which can be found here. We will run through a working agreement in our first session to outline our boundaries and manage expectations. You will be able to add to these and we can discuss any changes.


What is your privacy policy and how will my data be shared?

You will find our full privacy policy here.



Hospitality Coaching and Mentoring


How does it work?

Give me a call to discuss what would be the best approach for your business. Depending on your problem we can look at one to one coaching sessions or team workshops. All sessions are tailor-made to suit your business’ needs.


How long does it take?

One to one coaching – I recommend 6 hours of coaching which can be broken down into 6 x 1 hour sessions, or 2 x 3 hours sessions with reflection time in between.

Team workshops – these can be one off sessions or combined sessions where we work through a problem using several techniques. I recommend half or day sessions.


Who is it for?

Directors, General Managers, sales, marketing, chefs, kitchen staff, front of house, concierge, administration.


What techniques do you use?

I use solid coaching models combined with personality profiles (psychometric testing) for individuals and teams where appropriate. Nothing is set in stone and I will flex the approach to best suit your requirements.


How can we measure results?

This is what it is all about… The ‘so what’. The ROI. The ‘what does it mean for you’? The ‘what could it mean for you’? By answering these questions at the beginning and starting with the end in mind, together we will understand what you are looking to achieve. If you’d like concrete stats to measure your return on investment, Team Dynamics will demonstrate the effectiveness of your team and can be used as a benchmark to build the sessions around.


What are your qualifications?

BA Hons in History of Art from Northumbria.

Clarity4D Business Partner

Team Dynamics Facilitator

Co-founded and ran Alpine Evolution – a luxury ski operation in St Anton, Austria

Product and People Development Manager at The Oxford Ski Company

Senior Sales Consultant at The Oxford Ski Company

Head Chef at The Colonsay, Colonsay, Inner Hebrides

I am currently completing a Professional EMCC recognised Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring at the Oxford School of Coaching and Mentoring.


Sounds interesting. How can I find out more?

Give me a call on 07954 357 443 or email info@dizzlesky.co.uk to discuss the best approach for you.