Frequently asked questions

The Cook Well, Eat Well, Live Well Membership


Is it for me?

Let’s see… The Cook Well, Eat Well, Live Well membership is for anyone looking to cook well, eat well and live well, and not go on a diet! If you want to eat a healthy balanced diet and have a supportive community to help you on your merry way, then it sounds like the Cook Well, Eat Well, Live Well membership is for you. In feedback, members have said that they “particularly enjoyed the training on Cooking Types” and that it has given them their “kitchen mojo back”. They’ve also mentioned it’s really helped them “be the person they are today and bossing it in the kitchen with savoury, healthy cooking”. If you’re still on the fence, then get in touch and we can see if it really is suitable. You can cancel anytime so it’s risk-free.


What happens next?

Once you’re all signed up and have officially become a member, you’ll receive an email confirmation to create an account on membership site. On your members dashboard you’ll be able to access the Cooking Type course and all the recipes, menu plans, resources, community links, monthly conversation replays, meet the expert interviews and videos.


The contract

As with any relationship, it’s helpful for both parties to set up boundaries at the very beginning. Confidentiality and non judgement is key, apart from if I feel that you are in harms way either to yourself or to others. I understand my limit as a coach and if I feel that I am working outside of my competency level, then I will pinpoint you to further support. From time to time I will send you things in the post… these are gifts rather than trash but if you’d rather not receive them then please do let me know. If you have any issues at all with my service, please do speak to me about it and I will listen with open ears. I am continually looking to improve the Cook Well, Eat Well, Live Well membership and all feedback (positive and negative) is welcome. I love learning and strive to give the best service I possibly can so please do let me know. You are the membership and you are the ones who have the power to let me know what you want more and less of! It’s your problems I am passionate about solving.



So that I can help more people in the same situation as you become the confident cooks they deserve to be, I will market the Cook Well, Eat Well, Live Well membership to an outside audience. As a member, you agree to me sharing something you have said or posted anonymously, and I will check with you personally if I use your name. Please do let me know if you would rather I didn’t share anything you say (including anonymously) and I will respect this. Creating a safe space for you is important to me.


How can I contact Annabel?

Contact me on our private Facebook group or send me an email to I hope to get back to you as soon as possible but sometimes I might be on the school run or feeding the family so it might take a little longer.


Is the community only on Facebook?

Yes! I have tried a website community too, but Facebook seems to be the most engaging platform for the Cook Well, Eat Well, Live Well membership. If you’re not on Facebook or would rather not join the group then that’s absolutely fine too! Everything you need can be found on your the membership homepage, the DizzleSky website and in your weekly emails, and if you want to become part of the community then join us on Facebook.


How can I sign up?

Click here to head over to the Cook Well, Eat Well, Live Well membership page and sign up securely today.


Do I have to be a good cook to join the Cook Well, Eat Well, Live Well membership?

Nope. Not at all. We all have the potential to be a good cook (it’s in our DNA). The Cook Well, Eat Well, Live Well membership will give you the building blocks and fundamental know-how to transform you into cooking greatness.


Are there any rules?

Let’s call them boundaries! Please read the Terms and Conditions here.


How do I cancel my membership?

It’s really important to me (like keeps me up in the night genuinely really important to me) that the Cook Well, Eat Well, Live Well membership holds true value for you in whatever form that may be. If you’d like to cancel your membership I’ll clearly be very sad to see you go, but I understand that all good relationships naturally zig and zag. All you need to do is head to your account page under the Cook Well, Eat Well, Live Well membership dashboard and follow the instructions. The door will always be open for you to return (with no weird restarting fee or anything crazy like that). Your feedback is always greatly encouraged so it would be fab to hear what’s worked for you, what you would have liked to see more of and what your takeaways have been. That’ll help me help more people like you which is what this sharing is caring life is all about.




What is coaching?

It’s a bit like having a personal trainer – but for your health and life – training you to be an Olympian. The potential is in you – I just help you become elite. We look at what you are looking to achieve, discuss what could be holding you back, explore your options and discuss your action plan. Coaching initially started on the sports field, and has been extremely successful in the workplace, bringing global teams together and creating the best leaders the world has seen. Your health and life is no different. We are all people and it is about supporting you to reach your potential through understanding, reflecting and developing. You’ve got it in you.


You’re a chef as well. How does that help me?

This is the practical part which weaves in to our conversations. I will share my 20 years of cooking in professional kitchens, private homes, and my own experience as a wife, mother and working parent, providing you with the tricks of the trade and adapting them to your particular style of learning. I’ll teach you the fundamental building blocks of kitchen management and how you can adapt them into your daily life.


How does it work?

These are open and honest exploratory discussions where there will be a balance between support and challenge to keep you moving closer to your goal. You can guide me as to whether you’d like more support or challenge as the sessions go on. I’ll ask for feedback as we go so that I can tweak my approach to best meet your needs. Inspect, adapt and improve! Included in the coaching programme is free access to the Cook Well, Eat Well, Live Well membership, so that I can pinpoint you to workbooks, courses, tutorials, recipes and templates in between our sessions.


Where do we meet?

Either in person or virtually over zoom.


How do the coaching sessions differ from the Cook Well, Eat Well, Live Well membership?

I see them as two different relationships. As with any sports sessions, if you go private, you have the coach’s full attention. If you are part of a group then you improve alongside others and have their support. It’s entirely up to you and I’m happy to chat through which offering will most suit your needs. If you chose the coaching programme, you get free access to the membership while we work together.


How can I contact Annabel in between sessions?

Much of your learning will happen in between our sessions and I encourage you to contact me with things that come up for you between sessions on or Whatsapp me on 07954 357 443. I hope to get back to you as soon as possible but sometimes I might be on the school run or feeding the family so it might take a little longer.


I have food allergies and intolerances, will coaching work for me?

Abso-bloomin-lutely! I understand first hand that cooking with allergies and intolerances can be tough, confusing and an emotional drain. Let me help you to navigate your way to cooking with allergies and intolerances greatness.


What qualifications do you have?

I am a Professional Coach and Mentor at Practionner Level (through the OCM) and Clarity4D Business Partner (for personality profiling facilitation). I studied at Leith’s School of Food and Wine in 1997 and have been cooking professionally and privately ever since.


Are there any rules?

Just some simple boundaries which are laid out in the terms and conditions which can be found here.


What is your privacy policy and how will my data be shared?

You will find our full privacy policy here.


Sounds interesting. How can I find out more?

Click on these links to find out more…


Cook Well, Eat Well, Live Well membership

Or give me a call on 07954 357 443 or email to discuss the best approach for you. Speak soon!