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Life’s too precious to be stuck in a cooking rut

Does this sound like you… Do you spend too much time agonising about what to cook for your family before reverting back to the same old 10 meals on your meal-plan? Do you miss cooking pre-kids, feel guilty that it’s fishfingers or sausages again, or overwhelmed about eating less processed food when you lack time and energy?

Have you found Gousto and Hello Fresh aren’t long-term solutions, that your motivation to meal-plan is non-existent, and your relationship with cooking and family meal times has become a source of stress. Do you keep saying “This week we’re going to eat better” but no matter how many cookbooks you buy and Instagram chefs you follow, you just can’t seem to bust out of this cycle?

If any of these sound like you, look no further as I’m here to help! My name is Annabel, mother of three, qualified professional coach and experienced chef. Through my unique successful programme, I’ll reframe the way you think, feel and behave around food and make you inspired and confident to cook well for life. I genuinely care and I have an important message for you:

You are amazing and you deserve to feel inspired and happy when you cook!

However, after coaching countless women like you – busy women juggling a household full of people with individual wants and needs – I know that it’s rarely cooking that is the problem.

More often it’s our planning and the relationship with ourselves and our self-confidence, which prevents us from changing our ways. And while the lack of time, energy, motivation and inspiration to cook nutritious food is very real, these challenges are absolutely not insurmountable. And that’s where my 1:1 programme comes in.

Ready to transform your food get out of your cooking rut?

How my 1:1 programme can carefully redefine how you cook

As a qualified professional coach I’ll get you out of your own head, and help you ask the hard questions which lead to the changes you want to see. We’ll dive deep into what you believe about yourself (and why), challenging your assumptions around food and helping you see how you could approach cooking through fresh eyes. And we’ll get practical… Oh boy, do we get practical! We’ll get into the nitty-gritty details of your life in the kitchen, and compared with other solutions, that’s why it works.

With an experienced, creative, positive accountability partner in your corner (that’s me), you’ll start taking the steps you need to improve your confidence and rework your time, energy and mindset so you can discover your kitchen mojo.

Over four x 75 minute coaching sessions we’ll:

  1. Dig into what you’d like your cooking and meals to look like, zoom-out to uncover what limiting beliefs, outdated narratives and past experiences are holding you back, and start to build a picture of what steps we need to work on.
  2. Get practical by understanding what meal-planning means to you alongside your busy schedule of work, after-school clubs and Mum-taxi. By using a snazzy Trello board, we’ll look at what your actual, ideal and real meals look like and how and where you can make healthy changes to what you are already making.
  3. Inspect what‘s working and what’s not, and adapt our tailor-made approach so you can find balance between what you enjoy cooking, what your family likes eating and how you can become more efficient and effective with your cooking.
  4. Get you set up for the long term – we’ll look at where you want to go next, and what you need to put in place to help you get there, so you will keep cooking an endless variety of meals with inspired confidence for life (and pass this new way of looking at food on to your future generations).

Price and details:

  • £380 including support from Annabel in between sessions via email, Whatsapp or voice note.
  • The choice between in-person sessions at the Modbury Therapy Centre PL21 0QR or over video from the comfort of your own home.
  • To confirm, contact Annabel to book a call and check that it’s the right programme for you. If it is, then you can book your first session with Annabel.

Want to stop feeling burnt-out and overwhelmed by cooking and enjoy it instead?

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