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Supporting you to cook well, eat well and live well

Our mission is to make everyone confident in cooking nutritious, delicious and effortless food because everyone deserves to cook well, eat well and live well.
At DizzleSky, we believe that everybody is unique and is in their element when they perform at their best. Not cooking to their strengths makes a person lose confidence in the kitchen and think that they can’t cook.
When a person understands who they truly are and how they can perform at their best, their cooking potential becomes limitless. They feel natural in the kitchen and can cook, eat, and live better.
Through coaching, courses and a membership we enable people to grow their kitchen confidence because everybody deserves to cook nutritious, delicious and effortless food and feed their family well for life.

Dream Team

Understanding, supportive and innovative

Annabel Gonifas, Founder

I’ve always loved food. I’m from a foodie family, I grew up in Belgium surrounded by beautiful flavours, and I find inspiration in fresh seasonal produce. In 1997, I trained at Leith’s School of Food and Wine in London and I’ve cooked in professional and private kitchens for over 20 years. This took me to wild and wonderful locations where I had to be resourceful as there was often no supermarket to be seen.


I see food as fuel, and good food as good fuel – a way to charge our bodies and souls. My recurring themes have always been to cook healthful, seasonal food from a limited number of ingredients, to reduce waste, and to maximise on time-efficiency. I strive for the perfect balance of flavours, colours and textures in every meal to make the plate really sing.


I’m qualified at Practitioner Level as a Professional Coach-Mentor and I’m a trained Clarity4D Facilitator (personality profiling) as I wanted to truly enable Mums to make the changes they needed for life. It’s not all about recipes and menu plans… I see cooking as part of health and health as part of life, so I take a holistic view of each person as an individual and I believe this is what makes creates so many success stories.


When I’m not in the kitchen, I love spending time outdoors with my young family or pootling about in the vegetable garden.

Vicki Bannister, Operations Guru

Vicki and I have worked together since 2014. I am the creative and she creates brilliant systems and processes which bring my ideas to life in an organised fashion… we are a dream team in the true sense of the word!

Vicki is a special human. She cares, she is empathetic, enthusiastic and dynamic and a passionate problem solver. She works behind the scenes to make your experience of DizzleSky as welcoming, friendly and comfortable as possible. In her words “My energy comes from people and my surroundings, and in a work environment for me it’s important that I’m focusing my efforts in helping others, improving processes and creating a positive and enabling dynamic.”

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