DizzleSky Ethos

The DizzleSky ethos embodies how I approach food. Different elements may work better for you than others, some not at all. As we are all individuals everyone will benefit in different ways. DizzleSky is about flexibility not rigid rules – the support we offer can enable you to cook well, eat well and live well.


  1. HealthFULness – ‘having or conducive to good health’. Try to ask yourself when you eat something what is my body gaining from eating this and how much energy do I have once I have eaten it?


  1. DizzleSky is not a diet, it is a paradigm shift to a mindset that food is fuel and good food is good fuel.


  1. Live by the 80/20 rule… Life is for living right? I am a firm believer we should make the most of our time on planet earth. By eating and drinking healthfully for 80% of the time you’ll feel great and for the remaining 20% you need not feel punished, guilty or restricted. This is a flexible approach to suit your life – use it in a day, a week or a month. There are times when we all tend to eat and drink whatever we like – for me this is at Christmas, on holidays or when I feel poorly. I then use the 80/20 approach to get back on track and refocus on eating healthfully. This approach is sustainable for life and soon you won’t even be conscious of doing it.


  1. Meals don’t have to have a title, they can be made up of healthful ingredients which balance in terms of colour, texture and flavour.


  1. Keep your building block ingredients constant throughout the year (pulses, carbs, natural flavours, and additional flavours) and try to change your fruit, vegetables, meat and fish as much as you can in line with the seasons.


  1. Make small changes slowly and add them in to things you find work already. Anything too radical ain’t going to last!


  1. Personalise your kitchen style.


  1. Reflect on the way you do things well in your work and home life. Try and mirror this in the kitchen. Have a look at PIMMS below and think about the strengths you recognise in yourself which you could bring into the kitchen.


P – Planning is often the key to success. It can a mental note, a scrap piece of paper, your phone, or an excel spreadsheet. However you work, planning will save you time, effort and money.


I – Inventory. Check what you’ve got before you write your shopping list. Knowing what you have available helps you to easily identify what you need more of and what needs using up – free food! Go through your fridge, freezer and store cupboards. This will reduce the number of visits to the shops, saving time, money and food waste.


M – Mise-en-place is the fancy chef word for preparing. It’s how restaurants can cook to order and is just a relevant in the home kitchen. It means preparing everything you can in advance (washing, peeling, chopping), making sure you have all the equipment you need, knowing how long it will take to cook and balancing this with how much time you have got and making a note (either mentally or on paper) as to what you have to do when.


M – Methods. The same ingredients can produce completely different results when cooked using a different method. Initially, I recommend focusing on methods you are comfortable with and playing around with ingredients.  Once you become more confident, give new methods a go and then incorporate new ingredients to give you a wide variety of menu choices.


Sing – Let your flavours sing! Adding in healthful flavour (herbs, spices, acid, salt, sweetness) is what turns a good meal into a great meal. Taste as you cook and tweak to your liking.


Annabel’s bio…

I trained at Leith’s School of Food and Wine in London in 1997 and I’ve been a Chef in professional and private kitchens for over 20 years. I see food as fuel and good food as good fuel – a way to charge our bodies and souls. My recurring themes have always been to cook healthful, seasonal food, reducing waste and maximising on time-efficiency. I am a Clarity4D Facilitator (personality profiling) supporting people to discover their most instinctive selves and develop their hidden potential. With a passion for my continued personal development I am currently undertaking a professional diploma with the The Oxford School of Coaching and Mentoring. I keep up to date with the latest research through books, articles, webinars attending training sessions and workshops.


And finally… What’s with the name?

DizzleSky symbolises purpose, health and making the most of our lives. It is made up of two children’s names – Daisy (nicknamed Dizzle) and Skye – who both have their own powerful stories.


Call me today on +44 (0)7954 357 443 or email annabel@dizzlesky.co.uk to kick start your kitchen journey.