Helping you to cook and eat well for a healthier life

Research has proved that eating too much processed and ultra-processed food has severe implications on our health. Fortunately the focus is shifting towards healthier food (especially now that we are living with covid-19) – but what happens if you don’t have the confidence to know how to plan, shop for and cook the healthier food you want to eat?


As humans we all deserve to cook well so we can eat well and therefore live well. Feeding our families healthfully is a basic human need in order to survive and thrive. The fundamentals of our food habits from planning to shopping to cooking are not necessarily passed down from one generation to the next anymore. So, how can we be expected to inherently know how to be confident cooks?


Using a unique combination of personality profiling to find your cooking type, coaching and my professional experience as a chef, DizzleSky has a choice of two practical, systematic programmes to support you as an individual. Once you have the tools, you can make the changes you need and begin to create a new story for you and your family’s relationship with food.


For those of you who enjoy cooking and are looking for menu and recipe inspiration, top tips, support, and clarity in the kitchen I run the DizzleSky Kitchen Club. The Kitchen Club is a growing online subscription-based community of food lovers who are looking at gaining a deeper knowledge of food and enjoy sharing the experience with others. Every month the Kitchen Clubbers receive 12-15 new recipes which are broken down into 1 vegetarian, 1 fish and 1 meat recipe each week. I also provide a weekly shopping list to help you on your merry way. Through our private facebook group, we discuss all things food related. We celebrate success, we acknowledge failures and we delve into the world of kitchen coaching, colours and behaviours. On the private group chat, I am available to answer your personal cooking questions and encourage you to reach your potential in the kitchen.


By joining the Kitchen Club today you will understand how to minimise trips to the supermarkets and save money through learning how you can get the most out of your kitchen and work with what you already have. The menu plans and recipes are adaptable and healthful so that you can have an endless variety of meals at your fingertips – a skill that you can take with you through life and pass on to your family. 


Healthful Coaching is for those of you who are looking for transformational change in the kitchen. The issues are diverse and can range from anxiety, lack of confidence, not knowing where to start or how to make the changes you are looking for, right through to helping those of you who have been told by a health professional that you (or someone you cook for) have to make changes to the way you eat. Here we go deep! In the sessions we discuss your goals, where you are now, where you’d like to be and through our conversations we find a way forward for you. If you’d like, you can complete a full personality profile which can be pivotal in unlocking your path ahead.


These are booked on a session by session basis and go on for as long as they hold real value for you. They end when you feel ready (I’d suggest between 4-6 sessions for the best results, but you may need less, or you may feel that you’d like a couple more). The key here is that (unless we are specifically talking cooking specifics), I am not teaching you, I am facilitating a conversation to enable you to understand, learn and develop. You have it in you already, it might just be a case of looking at it in a new way. We also look at healthful food choices (foods which are conducive to your good health) and how to substitute ingredients so that you can still enjoy the meals you love.


If you feel overwhelmed by cooking and the kitchen then Healthful Coaching provides you with a personalised system to becoming a confident cook.


Whatever your individual needs, I hope you will find something to help you in the Kitchen Club or Healthful Coaching. Click on the links below to learn more about the programmes and sign up today to find the support you need.


Founder – DizzleSky