Ready to overcome cooking fatigue and start enjoying cooking again?

Thanks to modern diet culture and the pressures we feel as women, food is not the simple, emotion-free route to health you’d think it is. Instead food, cooking, and providing healthy food and nourishing meals for ourselves and our families is a minefield of conflicting information and emotional baggage.

My name is Annabel and I help busy women like you reframe your relationship with cooking so you can enjoy the process, reclaim headspace, and have more quality time doing the things you love.

As a Mum of three, professional coach and experienced chef, I’ll teach you to enjoy planning and cooking nutritious food, I’ll inspire you to build sustainable healthy habits with minimum time and effort and I’ll provide you with a toolbox to cook an endless variety meals.

1:1 Programme

Over four sessions we’ll deep dive into the person behind the stove (that’s you). By asking the right questions, and creating space for deep enquiry, I’ll push you to challenge your own assumptions about who you are and how you think about food.

Then with a curious, practical and motivating coach in your corner (that’s me), we’ll refine how you plan, shop and cook, to ensure you create efficient effective solutions that feel good.

Free recipes

As a busy Mum myself, I completely understand that cooking can be a total ball-ache and endless chore. These are recipes which I cook at home, based on whole foods to nourish our minds, bodies and souls.
Designed with us busy Mums trying to juggle all-the-things in mind, each recipe has timings: They are either super quick from start to finish; Super quick to throw together and then cook in the oven/hob while you can crack on with other things; Or take longer for those sacred moments when you actually have the time and headspace for more involved cooking.

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