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Become the confident, competent & happy cook you deserve to be

Cook well, eat well, live well

It’s time to gain clarity and control and live the healthful life you want and so deserve!

Instead of cooking feeling like it is a chore, what if you could enjoy cooking and eating healthy meals and become the competent and happy cook you deserve to be?


Inside the Cook Well, Eat Well, Live Well membership I’ll teach you the practical cooking competencies and the mindset of how to live your most healthful life, and how to actually enjoy the process.


You’ll have the clarity and confidence to know what works best for you and be able to develop your skills accordingly. And what’s more, you’ll understand the secret do’s and don’ts of cooking with others so that you can finally cook friction-free with your partner. A total game-changer for many!

Best of all, you’ll be doing all of this in a safe space with a group of like-minded people, who are all learning the art of cooking well, eating well and living well alongside you, and with me as your cheerleader, empowering you and supporting you all the way.


Whether you’ve been told by a health-professional to make changes to your diet and lifestyle, or that you simply want to live more healthfully, your time is now!

What do I get when I become a member?

  • A library of building blocks from food safety to how to cook well for guests, giving you all the basic foundations and structure you need to become a confident cook.
  • Step-by-step guides to building healthful casseroles, curries, nutritious salads and soups, so that you can be confident when you need to substitute ingredients.
  • An ever-growing library of how-to videos teaching you all the basics, filled with personal tips from my 20 years as a chef and home-cook.
  • Over 270 easy-to-follow healthful recipes for adults, children and all the family. Includes meat, fish and vegetarian.
  • 26+ monthly menu plans for when you can’t think of what to cook.
  • Weekly menu plans and shopping lists to your email inbox so that you always have your shopping list in your pocket.
  • A library of webinars on how to create healthy habits and make them stick (and how to keep bad habits at bay).
  • Exclusive access to ‘Cooking Types’, a ground-breaking course helping you to personalise the way you cook. The course will help you fully understand how you cook as you do, what you can do about it, how to set your kitchen up, how to cook peacefully with your others in the kitchen and how you can develop to reach your full potential.
  • Live group coaching on Zoom once a month to discuss any personal problem you are looking for help or accountability with. Topics are raised before the live so that we can really focus.
  • Bonus exclusive interviews with a neuroscientists on how to rewire our brains to create healthy habits; a holistic health coach on intuitive eating; and a nutritional therapist on how to cope with picky eaters.
  • Access to our Private Facebook community which is a safe, non-judgemental space where you’ll be able to connect with me and others who are also growing their kitchen confidence and developing their cooking repertoires.
  • Ask me anything, and I mean literally anything!
  • The membership is risk free. You sign up and pay on a month by month basis and can cancel anytime.

Want to personalise your cooking?

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