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Are you a busy Mum who would you like to make super tasty, effortless meals? Do you find cooking for your family a chore? Have you lost your kitchen mojo since having children? As a Coach, chef and Mum, I am passionate about growing your confidence, and helping you enjoy your time spent in the kitchen.

Cook well, eat well, live well

What do I get when I become a Kitchen Clubber?

  • An introductory 30 minute call on zoom so we can get to know each other on a more personal level as soon as you join.
  • A DizzleSky apron aka your kitchen ‘I can cook anything’ cape.
  • Access to the ground breaking Effortless Cooking for your Personality Type course so that you can fully understand your Cooking Type and which natural strengths that you have will give you kitchen superpowers.
  • Access to over 250 easy-to-follow healthful vegetarian, meat and fish recipes for adults, children and all the family.
  • Monthly menu plans to help free your headspace.
  • Weekly menu plans and shopping lists to your email so that you always have your shopping list in your pocket.
  • Support from me to achieving your personal cooking and eating goals.
  • Access to our Private Facebook community which is a safe, non-judgemental space where you’ll be able to connect with me and others who are also growing their kitchen confidence and developing their cooking repertoires.
  • How to videos showing cooking basics that you’ve always wanted to know such as how to chop and onion, how to chop different herbs, what to do with spices and how to spatchcock a chicken.
  • Ask me anything, and I mean literally anything.
  • Accountability so you can put a realistic and actionable practical plan in place and see it actually happen (like getting a fridge – kitchen – freezer plan going or creating weekly menu plans that work).
  • Essential resources such as non-bread lunch options on the go, the healthful ingredients table to keep you inspired by what you can eat, and what to do with herbs and when to use them.
  • Risk free as you can cancel anytime and there is no minimum sign up.

What’s my cooking type?

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