Why is it important to understand your Personality Type when you cook?

Understanding your Personality Type gives you clarity on who you are and how you can best approach cooking so that you feel confident when you cook.

Because when you truly understand yourself, your cooking potential is limitless. Understanding your Personality Type comes before competency and knowing how to make the perfect bread sauce… It raises the questions:

  • What kind of cook am I?
  • What kind of cook do I want to be?
  • Why can’t I cook with my partner?
  • Why aren’t I a better cook despite owning shelves of cookbooks and signing up to weekend cookery classes?
  • Why doesn’t it feel like cooking comes naturally to me?


For instance, you’ll be able to look for recipes which resonate with the way you read rather than:

  • Getting frustrated when it says throw a handful of ‘x’ in when what you want is for it to give you a precise measurement.
  • Having to read through excess detail and waffle if you prefer recipes which are to the point.
  • Enduring boring technical cooking methodologies if you like to read recipes which are informal and chatty.
  • Suffering bad logistics and planning if you prefer to be well organised and have all your ducks in a row when you cook.


Raising your self-awareness of who you are and how this translates when you step into the kitchen can not only raise your game at recognising which recipes you like to read. It can help you with:

  • Your relationships with others and how you both communicate so that you and your partner can cook alongside each other without arguing.
  • Setting up your kitchen so that you know where to find everything.
  • Creating a kitchen that you love to spend time in.
  • Buying the right kitchen utensils and equipment.
  • Understanding how to use your natural strengths that you’ve already got.
  • Knowing how to dial down the behaviours that make you feel like you’re a rubbish cook.


Focusing on your Personality Type and strength-led cooking will help you with aspects which you feel are holding you back. Such as:

  • Being sceptical to try out new methods or ingredients.
  • Learning how to improvise when you run out of ingredients.
  • Over-feeding your family and friends because it is your way of showing you care.
  • Being domineering when you cook and pushing others away.


Ultimately, knowing your Personality Type helps you feel like a natural when you cook which leads to greater confidence in yourself so that you (and your family) can enjoy cooking and eating more from natural whole foods and less from ready made processed food and ultra-processed food.

I hope that helps! If you want to know more about how your Personality Type can help make cooking so much easier, or would like to do a full Personality Type assessment with me, just get in touch.

Speak soon.


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