Kitchen Confidence – a first-hand experience

Recently, the wonderful CheltenhamMaman wrote a brilliant blog on her experience of a session with me. It was so nice to read as it is from her view, and so I invite you, as a reader, to have a look:


I’ve met such a variety of interesting and unique business owners whilst running the MumBoss Club but when I met local mum of three Annabel for a coffee and she told me about her new business concept with her business DizzleSky. I couldn’t volunteer my services as a guinea pig fast enough!

DizzleSky is a bit like CheltenhamMaman in that it’s a business providing services that have been uniquely designed to perfectly compliment the skills of the owner. So let me explain that a bit further.

Annabel’s career history is mixed – she and her husband spent many years running a mixed range of ski chalets in the Alps and her cookery skills as a result are second to none. She’s a chef with a passion for creating simple but densely nutritious (healthful is her word) meals with every ingredient ticking a box when it comes to our health but not sacrificing taste for even a moment.

This is about practical application; so again Annabel is not a nutritionist either – but she is skilled at taking nutritional advice and practically helping people achieve a greater level of health through cookery. So say someone is diagnosed wth Type 2 Diabetes – they might see a nutritional therapist who would advise about what choices could help reverse or manage that diagnosis – Annabel can then help that person put better systems in place and develop the cookery skills required. Add to that she’s a busy mum of three and gets that time is not something we all possess a lot of.

Then more recently Annabel has worked in a management team for a ski company and during this time she became a qualified Clarity4D Facilitator which means in a nutshell that she creates psychological profiles for people that help them identify their strengths, weaknesses and naturally how they behave and how others perceive them. A brilliant exercise to get to know yourself a bit better.

But then the genius….. Through DizzleSky Annabel can combine both skills. So she creates your profile and then during a one to one consultation she helps you apply your personal skills and behaviours to how you are as a busy domestic goddess (or not!) And this ladies and gentleman is the process for which I was guinea pig.

So first up I was sent an online questionnaire to complete to help analyse my personality. You have to answer it quickly and go with your gut instinct and not over think it. There’s then a questionnaire to fill in about your cookery skills and how you run your kitchen. You can also specificy any improvements you’d love Annabel to help you make.

A day or so later you’ll be sent your personal profile which is nice as it gives you time to digest it all (it’s a big document) and chat through with loved ones. The profile includes text and graphs so should appeal to those who respond well to visual and written information. Here’s one of the graphs from mine.

Then the fun part. Annabel follows the profile up with a one to one consultation (takes a few hours) where you go through your profile and chat through your feelings about it, any surprises or anything that you might disagree with. She then creates a bespoke report for you having used your profile and your cookery questionnaire and talks you through how you can create delicious, healthful and simple meals for your family. So she recommends cookery books that will work to your personality. She recommends better ways to do your meal planning that suit your personality, she recommends ways to shop and store food that suit your personality – it’s all bespoke!

Finally she leads you through a practical exercise (not in the kitchen – this is still at a desk) where you use her tried and tested method of layering plates to create meals that meet your health requirements perfectly. We talked about portion sizes, easy swaps to add extra health, how to please fussy eaters – it was amazing.

You are left with your reports, a wonderful laminated ingredient guide that shows you which choices to make when it comes to layering a healthy meal and recipes on the DizzleSky website with access (including this amazing DizzleSky loaf which I can eat guilt free to minimise fat gain around my waist and bloating – it’s delicious!) and Annabel writes notes throughout the chat and follows up with an email of suggested changes following the discussion.

Bet you’ve never heard of anything like that before!! Next steps are to have practical cookery coaching sessions should you want support in implementing the strategies Annabel will help you identify – and that can mean anything from sorting your cupboards, meal planning, auditing your freezer or creating the healthful meals.

Honestly I can’t recommend it enough. If you’re just lacking in confidence in the kitchen or feel you’re not offering as much health to your family as you could be and reach for the convenience of a ready meal more often than you’d like – Annabel is great to work with and it’s all completely confidential and non judgemental. I’m all fired up to implement my action plan and am really hoping that a few long term changes will help the whole family feel a little stronger and more able to cope with the busyness of life.