I am eternally grateful for all the feedback I receive. It is so lovely to hear that DizzleSky has made a real difference to people’s lives, and that they are able to build on what they have learnt. For me, it is equally important to hear so that I can continually strive to deliver the best service possible for my clients.

“Annabel offered her support and experience to my family at a time when we could not have needed her and the sense and healthfulness of Dizzlesky more. My husband suffers from genetic high blood pressure which despite significant life changes (stopping smoking & exercising more) plus worringly high levels of medication, was growing steadily worse. I was also suffering from the silent challenges of life as a peri-menopausal woman whilst also being due to have major gynae surgery. We were both desperate to do all we could to change our lifestyles and use food in the best possible way to support long term change and improvements. Dr Michael Mosley’s Fast 800 and 8 Week Blood Sugar Diet were recommended by our medical professionals to prepare for my surgery and as a last ditch self directed attempt to reduce my husband’s BP through lifestyle change.

Annabel was able to calmly guide and support both of us as we adapted to a new way of eating. The tweaks needed were so subtle; we already had a good diet with meals cooked from scratch and are both competent home cooks. Annabel’s skills as a chef coupled with her strong understanding of how we work as individuals (supported by her Clarity 4D work) meant she was able via her programme, to adapt and enhance our family’s approach to food and increase our confidence and belief in maintaining these changes in the longer term. We were inspired to try different foods, to understand better how to layer flavours, textures and colours and to really (finally!) get to grips with planning and shopping. We reorganised our kitchen with Annabel’s support and that alone has had an enormous impact on our family. I could talk about how grateful we are to Annabel for boosting our confidence, for inspiring us in so many ways and for showing us through her Dizzlesky programme how easily we can all make simple changes to our lives which have a dramatic impact but….the best way for me to describe the impact of her work is to say my husband’s BP is at its lowest for 5 years and his medication levels have been reduced significantly. I’m in the best physical shape of recent years (certainly the best of my fourties) and this has been confirmed by the many medical tests I have had in recent weeks.

Dizzlesky is an inspired programme combining Annabel’s understanding of food and people in a unique and innovative way. I cannot recommend Dizzlesky highly enough and implore everyone interested in living a more healthful life to consider working with Annabel. Whether the changes you need are large or small, the impact will be bigger and better than you can imagine. Quite simply, Annabel has given us hope for a future which we thought was out of reach. The power of food and our relationships with it should not be underestimated and we are eternally grateful to Annabel for helping us to live well.”

Mrs L, Personalised Kitchen Confidence Course, Cheltenham