Why understanding your personality type is vital to unlocking your health


I am passionate about the power of food and our relationship to it. How it drives our behaviours around food, cooking, and the kitchen, and why, (even though we know these days what we should be eating) the figures for obesity, type 2 diabetes and other related diseases are on the increase.

Self-awareness of understanding what is driving our behaviours, our choices, our strengths and how we work at our best is the KEY to changing the way we think and act around food and I am on a mission to share
this message with you. Now is the time to act, especially as we are adjusting to our new lives living with Covid-19. Do you want to be the healthiest version of yourself so that you can beat this retched disease?

So how do we adapt? How do we make these changes when processed food is so readily available, time is so limited and conflicting advice on what to eat is the only constant?

The answer is in our personality type. What our strengths are, how we work best and how we process information.

As a Clarity4D facilitator I work with you using colours (red, blue, green, and yellow) to help identify your personality profile. We all have our good days, when our strengths shine through and enable us to nail it in the kitchen. But it’s important to understand what our wobble day behavioural traits are too (we all have them, and they are essentially exaggerated versions of our good behaviours).

In the kitchen, these can translate as:

Red on a good day – Decisive, proactive, task-orientated

Red when you’re having a wobble day – Impatient, controlling, aggressive

Blue on a good day – Meticulous, organised, logical

Blue when you’re having a wobble day – Over-exacting, sceptical, over-critical

Green on a good day – Committed,  understanding, nurturing

Green when you’re having a wobble day – Procrastinating, undecided, hesitant

Yellow on a good day – Creative, optimistic, energetic

Yellow when you’re having a wobble day – Chaotic, messy, careless

Once you’ve established your colour preferences you’ll know what cooking style works best for you and cooking from fresh healthful ingredients will be second nature. It really is that simple! The great thing is, is that there are many ways to approach cooking and enjoy your time in the kitchen. As humans, we all have all four colour preferences in us, some will just show themselves more strongly in certain situations than others. Once we become more self-aware, we can learn to dial up or dial down our behaviours to achieve the best results.

Once you understand which type you are, you can learn the tools to help you cook to your full potential and develop your kitchen super-powers over time. This knowledge will give you the confidence to cook well, eat well and live the healthiest life you can.

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