The Face Behind DizzleSky

Annabel Gonifas

Annabel Gonifas

The Face Behind DizzleSky


Hello, I’m Annabel Gonifas and I am the Founder and CEO of DizzleSky. I thought now would be a good time to tell you a little more about me, why I do what I do and most importantly, how I can help you.

I love food. I spend most of my day conjuring up flavours, colours, and textures in my head until they sit well. Having trained at Prue Leiths in London in 1997, I went on to cook professionally for twenty years in off-the-beaten-track places. The kitchens were often in locations where there was no Sainsbury’s to be seen! I had to be resourceful and think creatively. The jobs included running a luxury ski chalet business with my husband, Jason, Head Chef of a busy kitchen on the remote Scottish Island of Colonsay, Private Chef in various beautiful locations in Europe and working with an amazing catering company in the Cotswolds. All these experiences I utterly loved; the menus were devised daily to suit guests’ needs and I worked closely with my suppliers.

I’ve done my fair share of high-pressure restaurant kitchens too. The most influential for me was a stint in a German speaking male dominated high-end kitchen in Austria. As much as I embraced the experience, this was the one job where I struggled creatively as it was the same menu every day for six months. However I am so thankful for how much I learnt and use these learnings every day at home in my own kitchen.

The chef part of my background is all good and well, but how does this relate to people and personality profiling?! Once we started a family we returned to the UK and I worked for The Oxford Ski Company for six years. It was here that I was introduced to understanding behaviours and communication through personality types and using colour as a clear form of communication. Suddenly the world made sense to me! Having always been fascinated in how people tick, I was so excited to start learning the theory behind it. I became an accredited Clarity4D Business Partner and welcome their creative and universal approach.

Personality profiling is something that is often associated with learning and development or in senior management teams. However the theory, based on the work of psychologist Carl Jung, was never meant to discriminate. He based it on all humans, and it works just as powerfully in a creative sense as it does in the boardroom. Helping, educating, and supporting people to eat fresh food has always been such a passion of mine as a chef. I started to realise that this is a way to adapt and communicate people’s behaviour and relationship with food. Once you know your strengths, you are more likely to be confident and achieve your goals as you have the tools to do it YOUR way.

I used my sisters and my mother and myself as my first case studies. We all love good food and are successful cooks however the important part is that we go about it in very different ways. I observed that the way we cook relates to our instinctive colour preferences. My Mum has a high green preference and she enjoys planning, having her cupboards full and relies on her tried and trusted recipes. My elder sister is an Astrophysicist and sees the world through science. Her highest colour preference is blue, and she will never cook a meal without a timer. My younger sister’s highest colour preference is red. She is fiery, goal orientated and likes to work alone in the kitchen. My highest preference is yellow, and I bring creativity, spontaneity, and improvisation to the kitchen (and on a bad day will bring my bad day behaviours of chaos, franticness, and emotion too!). Based on my work as a coach, chef and Clarity4D facilitator (personality profiling) I am able to realise your potential in the kitchen and give you the tools to use according to your cooking type.

Kitchen ClubI now work with two types of clients. For those of you who enjoy cooking and are looking for menu and recipe inspiration, top tips, support, and clarity in the kitchen I run the Kitchen Club. A growing online subscription-based community of food lovers who are looking at gaining a deeper knowledge of food and enjoy sharing the experience with others. Every month the Kitchen Clubbers receive 12-15 new recipes which are broken down into 1 vegetarian, 1 fish and 1 meat recipe each week. I also provide a weekly shopping list to help you on your merry way. Through our private facebook group, we discuss all things food related. We celebrate success, we acknowledge failures and we delve into the world of kitchen coaching, colours and behaviours. On the private group chat, I am available to answer your personal cooking questions and encourage you to reach your potential in the kitchen.

Healthful CoachingThe other service I offer is Healthful Coaching for those of you who are looking for transformational change in the kitchen. The issues are diverse and can range from anxiety, lack of confidence, not knowing where to start or how to make the changes you are looking for, right through to helping those of you who have been told by a health professional that you (or someone you cook for) have to make changes to the way you eat due to health-related complications. Here we go deep! In the sessions we discuss your goals, where you are now, where you’d like to be and through our conversations we find a way forward for you. If you’d like, you can complete a full personality profile which can be pivotal in unlocking your path ahead.

These are booked on a session by session basis and go on for as long as they hold real value for you. They end when you feel ready (I’d suggest between 4-6 sessions for the best results, but you may need less, or you may feel that you’d like a couple more). The key here is that (unless we are specifically talking cooking specifics), I am not teaching you, I am facilitating a conversation to enable you to understand, learn and develop. You have it in you already, it might just be a case of looking at it in a new way. We also look at healthful food choices (foods which are conducive to your good health) and how to substitute ingredients so that you can still enjoy the meals you love.

Kitchen Club

Away from the kitchen, I live just outside Kingsbridge in Devon with my husband and three young children, and our red fox Labrador Thula. I am inspired by nature and love living near to the sea and beautiful farmland, as well as being surrounded by wonderful local producers.

I look forward to meeting you and having a chat to see how I can help you.