Kitchen Club

Providing you with healthful menu and recipe inspiration, personal cooking advice and community support in the kitchen

As humans we all deserve to cook well so we can eat well and therefore live well. Feeding our families healthfully is a basic human need in order to survive and thrive. But the fundamentals of our food habits from planning to shopping to cooking aren’t always passed down from one generation to the next anymore.  And even if they were, our lives are so busy that it can be hard to put it into practise. Once you have the tools, you can make the changes you need to create a positive story for you and your family’s relationship with food.


The DizzleSky Kitchen Club is a safe space for you to come out of the lack-of-time-and-energy-rut and back on track to feeding your family healthy balanced meals, with the knowledge that you can cook well, eat well and live well. Sign up straightaway or contact me today to find out how the Kitchen Club can support you.


  • Do you want to cook just one healthy balanced meal every night for the whole family to enjoy?
  • Do you lack inspiration about what to cook every night?
  • Are you looking to understand how to eat better?
  • Do you lack the time and energy to cook your family healthy balanced meals?
  • Do you want to feed your family well but aren’t quite sure how?
  • Do you find the kitchen lonely?
  • Do you want to receive praise for your culinary achievements?
  • Do you wish you had someone to share your cooking stories with?
  • Do you want to have someone to turn to when it all goes wrong?
  • Do you want to have someone who holds you accountable?
  • Do you want to keep on a positive roll but keep wobbling off?
  • Have you lost your kitchen mojo?


As a Kitchen Clubber, every month you’ll receive 12-15 new recipes which are broken down into 1 vegetarian, 1 fish and 1 meat recipe each week. I also provide a weekly shopping list to help you on your merry way. Through our private facebook group, we discuss all things food related. We celebrate success, we acknowledge failures and we delve into the world of kitchen coaching, cooking types and behaviours. On the private group chat, I am available to answer your personal cooking questions and encourage you to reach your potential in the kitchen.


For £18 per month in just a few steps you can become a valued member of the DizzleSky Kitchen Club. All you need to do is:


  1. Sign up here today  
  2. Pay by direct debit monthly or annually (1 month free for a one-off annual payment)
  3. Be the best cook you can be!


By joining us in the DizzleSky Kitchen Club today you will save yourself from:


  • The pain of deciding what to cook every night
  • Unnecessary time spent in the kitchen
  • Unnecessary time (and cost) of top-up shops
  • Additional unnecessary time spent writing shopping lists
  • The guilt (and cost) of feeding your family processed food
  • The guilt of throwing food away
  • Confusion over what exactly is a ‘balanced diet’
  • Feeling lonely in the kitchen
  • Feeling under appreciated in the kitchen
  • Feeling like cooking is a chore
  • Losing your kitchen mojo forever


If you’d like to find out more, here are some of the questions I am frequently asked. I am happy to discuss any individual concerns you have by email, by phone or 07954 357 443, on Instagram (@dizzlesky), on Facebook ( or on LinkedIn @dizzlesky). I understand that joining up to the Kitchen Club is an investment and I wish for you to get genuine meaningful value from it. If you are in doubt, contact me and we can discuss if it is the right way forward for you.


Best wishes,





How does it work?


At the beginning of the month, I will send you 12-15 new recipes (depending on how many weeks are in the month) which are broken down into 1 vegetarian, 1 fish and 1 meat recipe each week. I also provide a weekly shopping list. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be invited to become part of our private Facebook group which is where the magic really happens!


Who is it for?


Anyone who wants to eat well. The menu plans and recipes will save you time, money, and trips to the supermarket, and you will be able to enjoy healthful, easy-to-cook meals every month. You’ll no longer have to think about what to cook at 4pm!


How will I receive my menus and recipes?


Your menus will arrive in your inbox at the beginning of the month and they will also be posted our private Facebook group, with links to the recipes on the Kitchen Club Members Only page on the website. I also post the week’s recipes and shopping lists on the Facebook group each week as a reminder.


Do I have to be on Facebook to be part of the Kitchen Club?


No, not at all! The majority of people are but some Kitchen Clubbers just like receiving the menus and recipes each month. It depends what you are in it for. If you are keen to find support and a community for the kitchen then I’d recommend joining the Facebook group. If you’d rather just have the inspiration for healthful meals each month then it is not essential as your menu plans and recipes will be sent monthly by email as well and all the recipes are published on the members only page of the website.


How much does it cost?


£18 per month. Once you sign up, you will have the option to pay direct debit or a one-off annual fee which will give you one month free. You’ll then receive a confirmation email from me with the next steps.


I am gluten-free, can I still do the plan?


Yes! I am gluten-intolerant and the food I cook is gluten-free or has gluten-free alternatives. Please note, the recipes are not nut-free.


Do I have to follow the meal plans?


The choice is yours. I understand that we all have busy lives and we also all have our favourite recipes that we enjoy cooking. It’s up to you – duck in and out, go back to your old tried and tested favourites, share some of them on our private Facebook page and test out ones which other members share back, or stick rigidly to the plan. Quite simply, find the way to make it work best for you. I’d love to hear how it works best in your kitchen.  I am a firm believer that we are all different and process information differently. This is a guide to cooking well, eating well and ultimately, giving you the chance to live well -your way.


Do I have to be a good cook to join the club?


No! I believe we all have the potential to be a good cook (it’s in our DNA). The Kitchen Club will simply give you confidence, inspiration, support and know-how.


Are there any rules?


Let’s call them boundaries! Please read the full Terms and Conditions here.