How to chop chillies

Do you love or hate chillies? Chilli is something you can learn to love but only by adding it a bit at a time. The right amount of chilli should enhance flavours and make them sing. Too much is when it’s all you can taste, your mouth is on fire and it kills all other flavours in the meal.Β  How you chop chillies alters the flavour and texture, and different techniques are used for different meals. Watch this short video to find the 3 main ways to chop chillies.

I buy medium chillies as you never really know how hot they are going to be until you use them. I taste a tiny weeny bit as I chop so I know what I’m working with in terms of punchiness. If you don’t like chilli and would like to start trying more, a flavoured oil like Cotswold Gold’s Chilli Oil is a great place to start. Drizzle it over scarcely before eating. Dried chillies are also great, as is chipotle or Rose Harissa.
🌶 Chilli oil – Buy from Cotswold Gold here and use DIZZLESKY20 at the check out for 20% off (one time use).
🌶 Rose Harrisa – my favourite brand is Belazu which you can get from most supermarkets, delis and farm shops.
🌶 Chipotle – this chipotle from Gran Luchito is the bomb! Perfect for adding to poached eggs, smashed avocado or any sandwich. Stay clear of the supermarkets own brands as they are too watery and vinegary. By is from most supermarkets, delis and farm shops.
Ps: Remember to wash your hand really well afterwards!