How to make the DizzleSky loaf

This is a brilliant alternative to a usual wheat or rye bread. It’s made with gluten-free oats (I use Nairns which are available in Tescos, Sainsburys and Waitrose in the free from section), nuts, seeds, psyllium husk, garam masala, courgette, salt, pepper and water. Because of the density of healthful ingredients, it keeps energy levels high and helps maintain a healthy diet and weight. The psyllium husk is a natural probiotic and helps your digestion where as wheat and rye breads can cause inflammation. It’s a win win as the DizzleSky loaf is delicious too.. You can buy psyllium husk online or from a health store. I’ve found it cheaper online and usually buy this one which lasts for over a month.
I used to never know what to have for lunch but now that I have this every day (with cheese, hummous, eggs, salad, soup, leftovers, you name it…), I don’t feel I have to worry so much as whatever I have alongside it, I know the bulk of it is really good for me. I hope you like it as much as I do. It’s great to eat on the go as well.
No bloating, no sluggishness, no achy belly after a sandwich at lunch. Just lots more energy … it’s a bit like being Goldilocks and having a bowl of porridge at midday.
Let us know if you make it as I love hearing from those of you who are giving it a go. How about popping a photo up in the community and telling us know how you found making it?
Click here to give the recipe a go!