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Does this sound familiar?


‘I have so many recipe books but I still feel at a loss in the kitchen’.


I know how to put together healthy food (proteins, carbs and fats) but I can’t seem to make my food taste nice. I can eat out and have the ‘same’ dish I would cook at home so why does mine not taste so good?!?!’


‘I can follow a chicken recipe but it’s still so bland that I end up ordering a takeaway. Help! Oh, and I don’t want it to be complicated or time consuming as I know me, and I just won’t bother’.


Don’t worry, I hear this SO often… you are NOT alone, and I’m here to help! Sign up for my free checklist and I will guide you through how to make your healthful food taste INCREDIBLE using simple ingredients and taking up no extra time.

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  • A step-by-step guide on how to make your food sing so that you no longer ‘hope’ your food will taste nice, you KNOW it will taste delicious.


  • Essential information on why seasoning is so important so that you can take your food to the next level.


  • Practical must-have tips so that you know when, what and how to season perfectly every time.

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Here’s what people who now know how to make healthy food taste delicious have to say:

“Thank you, that was really useful. I’m fairly confident with using fresh herbs but spices terrify me!’ Jenny

“Your checklist is amazing! I made salmon with herbs – yummy! Girls wolfed it down and super easy and quick to prep… amazing how a few herbs can transform a dish.” Firn

“The checklist was super helpful! I am useless at this. Everything just gets shoved in the oven and it’s normally so bland! Thank you.” Niamh

“In general I am a pretty logical person, so understanding what I am doing and why I am doing it is important – it enables me to take something I learn from one meal and apply it to another.” Susie

“Genius Annabel! I now see it’s not hard to add variety into ‘regular’ meals and make something which is actually quite different when you understand how to take a key ingredient and building a meal around it by ‘layering’ a plate.” Hannah

Hi! I’m Annabel, the person behind this checklist and mindset tips, and the founder of DizzleSky, here to support you to achieve your healthful cooking and eating goals. Through the Kitchen Club Membership and Coaching I work with you to increase positive emotions and reduce negative ones relating to cooking and the kitchen so that you can smash cooking and finally find your kitchen mojo.


In 2018, when my middle son and youngest had recently been diagnosed with a cow’s milk protein allergy, I was overwhelmed. Being gluten intolerant myself, I was having to think about dairy-free food for my weaning daughter, dairy-free food for my toddler, children’s food for my eldest son who was 5 and quite fussy, gluten-free food for me and ‘normal’ (although high in meat) food for my husband, Jason.


I was working full time and felt exasperated by spending so much time in the kitchen, planning and cooking healthful meals and trying to find the time to do the weekly shop. Even with 20 years as a professional chef, I found it exhausting, draining and relentless and I couldn’t help feeling that if I was struggling, then what must this be like for people with no background in food at all?


My mission for DizzleSky became clear.  The more I talked about it, the more people confided in me with how they felt about cooking. ‘Anxious, confused, overwhelmed, drained, guilty and like it’s a chore’ were the main words people used. When cooking and eating is part of our daily lives, I realised it was time to help people to create more positive relationships with food, and ultimately support them to become kitchen confident. As a coach I understand the importance of  ‘getting’ how people work and understanding what’s important to them. I decided to set up the Kitchen Club and my Coaching practice to take the stress out of cooking so that clients are able to feel confident, happy and in control in the kitchen.

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