Developing your kitchen confidence will help you cook healthy balanced meals

Let’s get you super confident in the kitchen. You CAN do it!

Healthful Coaching


60-75 minute Healthful Coaching sessions take place either face to face or online using Zoom or Skype


  • Do you feel at a loss in the kitchen?
  • Does the thought of menu planning make you stressed?
  • Are you fed up with deciding what to cook?
  • Do you want to change the way you eat?
  • Are unsure of how or where to start?
  • Are you looking to loose weight?
  • Would you like to become time and budget-efficient with your cooking?
  • Would you like to learn the fundamentals for managing your kitchen effectively?
  • Have you lost your kitchen mojo?
  • Have you or someone you cook for been told by a health professional that you need to change the way you eat?
  • Are you confused by what a ‘balanced diet’ really looks like?
  • Are you looking for support in the kitchen?


Together we will:


  • Look at where you are now
  • Go in-depth as to what your goals are
  • Look at what might be holding you back
  • Discover your cooking type
  • Discuss the best tools to suit your cooking type
  • Explore different ways to transform your strengths into kitchen-superpowers
  • Find out how to incorporate healthier food choices into your favourite meals
  • Discuss how to keep you motivated and keep on a positive roll
  • Discuss accountability for the future
  • Work at your pace and to your objectives


Healthful Coaching is booked on a session by session basis and goes on for as long as they hold real value for you. They end when you feel ready (I’d suggest between 4-6 sessions for the best results, but you may need less, or you may feel that you’d like a couple more). The key here is that (unless we are specifically talking cooking specifics) I am not teaching you, I am facilitating a conversation to enable you to become more self-aware, understand, learn and develop. You have it in you already, it might just be a case of looking at it in a new way. We also look at healthful food choices (foods which are conducive to your good health) and how to substitute ingredients so that you can still enjoy the meals you love.


From experience, some clients choose individual coaching sessions and others who cook together prefer to have their partner with them so that they can understand, learn and develop together. This is entirely up to you and we can discuss the best option for you in your initial free consultation if you are unsure. Individual coaching is £65 per session and partner coaching is £100 per session.


Contact me today to book your free initial consultation or book online now to secure your first Healthful Coaching session (you will still receive a free initial consultation).