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Who is this for:

Coaching sessions are for you if you feel like you need to dive deeper into your personal situation.


What we do:

We dig deep into your beliefs, goals and programming, and include a full personality profile to highlight your specific strengths. We leave you with an actionable practical plan for you to move forward with.


Next steps:

Book now and pay securely online. Once the payment has been made I will be in touch straight away to arrange a date and time to meet over zoom or in person. Sessions are Β£200 for 75 minutes.

1:1 coaching

Changing habits & behaviours

An easy and proven way to change your cooking and eating habits for life

Whether you have been told by a professional that you need to address your diet; or you cook for someone who has health-related complications; or, whether you are simply looking for a better way for you and your family to eat, creating a positive cooking mindset will set you up for life.


Maintaining sustainable change centres on you, as an individual. Just as our DNA, microbiome, brains and bodies are unique, so are our behaviours and how we process information. Why should the way you cook be the same as your friend, neighbour or relative? I understand it is hard to make life-style changes in our busy, high-speed world. So, let me support you to cook healthfully… your way.

Click on the tabs below to discover your individual cooking type. You’ll have an element of all of them in you, and it helps to understand which behaviours you can dial up and dial down in the kitchen.


Cooking is creative and social

Good day: Spontaneous, flexible, energetic

Bad day: Frantic, chaotic, messy

Top tips: Get to know your ingredients and the effect they have on each other so that you can improvise more. Try organising your kitchen so that you feel relaxed and comfortable in it. Pretty bowls, jars and storage systems are all helpful ways to feel happy in the kitchen.


Cooking is a process with a clear goal

Good day: Efficient, passionate, decisive

Bad day: Over-bearing, controlling, dismissive

Top tips: At the end of every stage of cooking is a result. Tick off as you achieve each mini-task. Applaud yourself as you go. Focus on the end goal and enjoy the independence.


Cooking is about planning and nurturing

Good day: Organised, reliable, considerate

Bad day: Procrastinates, over-feeds, lacks confidence

Top tips: Planning is the key to success in the kitchen. Break it down in to meal plans, recipes and lists of ingredients. Cooking is also a time when you can really look after people in a helpful way as food nurtures good health and overall well-being. Focus on cooking as an investment to health rather than comfort feeding and use your tried and trusted recipes to build your confidence.


Cooking is a science

Good day: Methodical, careful, exact

Bad day: Self-critical, over-thinks, suspicious

Top tips: Good preparation is one of the keys to success in the kitchen. Read the recipe instructions carefully and make sure you have everything chopped and prepared before you start. Get to know the latest evidence-based scientific research behind eating healthfully. Investigate theories behind cooking techniques and practise them well. Have a timer and measuring jug to hand.

What’s my cooking type?

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